It’s Half Chrismas Eve!


Some Of the Dudes Enjoying Regionals

WOD 6/24/11

Deadhang Pull-Ups 5-5-5-5-5

Work up to a difficult set of 5 then each working set will be the same difficulty. Allow no more than 2 minutes rest between sets.

As Fast As Possible in any order:

30 Cleans (135/95#) (10, 20, or 30 reps at a time)

600m Run (200m, 400m, or 600m run at a time)

90 Double Unders (30, 60, or  90 at a time)

200m Farmers Carry (53/35) (must be done all at once)

You can do this workout in any order. The cleans must be done in sets of 10, the run must be done in 200m increments, the double unders must be done in sets of 30, and the Farmers Carry must be completed all at once. For instance 3 Rounds: 10 cleans, 200m run, 30 double unders and finish with the farmers carry. Or 200m Farmers carry, 10 cleans, 30 double unders, 10 cleans, 30 double unders, 10 cleans, 30 double unders and end with the 600m run. Pick a strategy that you think will allow you to finish this workout the fastest!

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  • Cassi

    Time to start shopping!!!!

  • Neal

    Justin’s hogging the blog again

  • Talley

    What can I saw at least i’m making one of them I haven’t been on mid-county’s in like 4 or 5 months.

  • Sheree

    Ummm……Rooster Crew? Were you there?

  • Neal

    Seriously, I don’t see any times written on the board either. Roosters aren’t representin at all today

  • Sean

    pullups- 5×45#
    WOD- 10:32 RX Did 90 DU’s, 30 cleans, 200m farmer carry, 600m run. It worked great for me. Way to battle it out with me Chris!!! This was a super fun WOD!

  • CA

    10:36 rx – nicely done Sean, fun race!

  • BeckyR

    blue band on dead hang pull ups

    12:43 on the WOD
    I just got double unders Wednesday, so I did:
    200m farmers carry @ 30#
    3 rounds:
    15 DUs
    10 cleans @ 65#
    finished with 600 m run

  • Fara

    This rooster chose today as my off day and now i am regretting it! =( but i did have 9 hours of massaging, that is definately a workout.

  • JJ

    nice stuff sean and CA

    i changed the cleans to 145# front squat to see if i could manage for the competition and also b/c the cleans from earlier in the week left my neck hurting

    14:32 RX 3 rounds- 10 FS 200m run 30 DU,s ended with the dreaded farmers carry

  • Rachel G

    You should post Saturday’s wods and mention the blog to the 12n people. Then they can post times and write about their experience.

  • Neal

    Rachel, do you mean the new people at the 11am class?

  • Rachel G

    Lol yeah that’s it.

  • Kara A

    There were 4 members of the rooster crew Friday morning, Becky, Morgan, Chris, and Catherine. They did awesome! And it was Morgan’s last day at CFB, so bye Morgan! Come back and visit us sometime!

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