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 WOD 12/8/11

Max Effort Day – Pick a max lift, a max run or row, and a max gymnastic movement from the board and attempt it. If you have time go for a 4th or 5th max effort!



We are having a Christmas Party this Saturday at CFMC. For information go to the facebook event page. All are invited!


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  • Dena

    Dang it! I have open house tonight. I want to PR a few things!! Deadlift, clean and jerk… Anybody going at 7:00?

  • Burt

    Let see some numbers guys!

  • Tara P

    PR on back squats earlier in the week at 155# and PR on deadlifts today at 200#. And did 32 hand release push ups….pretty pumped about it!

  • nedab

    45 pull ups
    1:00.9 on the 400m run

  • mitchel m.

    1:08- 400m run; 21 sec.PR
    45″- Box Jump; 3″ PR
    94″- Broad Jump; 4″ PR
    4 Muscle Ups

  • Nathan M.

    I wish I had gazelle like strides

  • Jeremy J

    Mitchell and nedab… Don’t y’all need a pilots license to fly like that?

  • Garret

    I always miss max out days at both boxes. Oh well. I’m too sore to go in and try and max out on anything. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow.

  • JJ

    didnt PR anything :[ 30 min late due to traffic then killed my shin warming up on 30″ box jumps——-weak sauce

    however i believe made board with 1:05 400 m run which was not a good idea after killing my shin…not a PR

  • Cody

    I’ve been sick and haven’t been since Monday… Depression is setting in 🙁

  • Cassi

    130# ohs 5# pr!!! Yip!! Yip!!!

  • Mitchel M.

    oh i forgot
    31 pull ups
    28 push ups

  • Stephanie

    21 pull ups
    245# deadlift 30#pr
    1:54 500m row 4 sec pr
    115# clean & jerk not a pr 🙁

  • Erin

    6:51- one mile. 10 second PR 🙂

  • Erin

    Good job Steph, Brittany, and Kalynn on those pullups!

  • Neal

    315# back squat 10# PR
    54″ Box Jump 1.5″ PR
    1:01.7 400m Run

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