WOD 11/26/12

Back Squat 3-3-3-3 Start at 80% and increase the load every set


For Time:

1k Row

1k Run


Tabata Dead Hang Pull-Ups – Score is total number of reps completed


Starting today we will have the 5am class every weekday!

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  • Taillon

    I’m feeling super slow from Thanksgiving. I had zero self control to food and didn’t workout. Def going to be feeling this all week.

  • Danielle

    Wake up legs! Wahoo! Cardio city!

  • Scott

    9:15 on zero sleep, plus I overshot the 1,000 meter mark. Too dark at 5am – just missed it, probably ran an extra 200. 39 DHP. I’ll take it. Making it to class is the victory today.

  • jason

    Id love to be able to do this WOD.

  • Clint

    Squats – 225/234/245/255
    Pull-ups – 29
    Metcon – 8:24

  • Josh T.

    275 on last two sets of BS
    32 Dhpu
    7:58 on row+run

  • Kara R

    I did a 2K run in the morning at 10:52
    Then in the afternoon I did a 2K row at 8:03.5

    Didn’t get to do the bs or pull ups but I’m hoping I can make that up later in the week!

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