Hang Man


Sheree and her daughter Karen

WOD 1/25/12

Hang Snatch – Work up to a heavy single

AMRAP in 6 Minutes:

3 Hang Snatch (95/65)

6 Hang Clean (95/65)

9 Push-Ups

Cash Out: 100 Air Squats for time

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  • Cody

    Wow talk about an EPIC cash out

  • Sheree Pierce

    Thanks, Neal! What a “fun” day that was! KP tried to kill me.

    I only got 3 rounds (+snatches and cleans) using 50# and purple assisted push-ups.

    3:35 to do the cash-out.

    Cody, it really wasn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be. (Unless you try to finish first!)

  • jason

    This is going to be fun! Right in my wheelhouse.

  • Fara

    My shoulders are awful today….considered using today as a rest day!

    Snatch heavy single was a 73#….not my max but today that’s all I wanted to shoot for.

    5 rds, 53#….1st rd I used 73#.
    2:38 on air squats

  • Sheree Pierce

    Why oh why do my posts not show up at first?

    I got 3 rounds + the lifts with 50# and purple assisted push-ups.
    3:35 to do the 100 air squats…Cody, not as bad as it sounds…unless you just have to finish first!

    Love the pic, Neal. KP tried to publically kill me that day!

  • Neal

    Sheree – Not sure why but your posts get marked as spam sometimes so they won’t show up until I log in and approve them.

  • Neal

    185# Hang Snatch (tied my PR on snatch from the ground)

    8 Rounds RX

    2:53 w 45# vest on the 100 squats

  • Sheree Pierce

    Guess I’m more dangerous than I thought I was! Thanks for always checking on it. Oh, and 5 Fitness (where KP trains) posted this on their facebook.

  • Austin Smith

    100 Squats in 100 Seconds is my goal today.

  • Cody

    8 rounds Rx. 3:40 on air squats with 45# vest.

  • JJ

    115# hang. felt good and easy. tried 125 and failed.

    85# 6 rounds

    1:48 100 squats unbroken

  • Austin J

    100# on Hang Snatch PR

    4 Rounds and 2 hang cleans (75#)

    3:10 air squats

  • Miguel

    115lbs on the hang, failed on 125. Would have tried 120, but ran out of time.

    6rds at 85lbs

    2:04 on the air squats. Was shooting for under 2, just missed that. First 50 unbroken.

    All and all another good day at the gym. And I enjoyed the new faces.

  • Jason

    145# slight press 😉
    8 Rounds and 3 snatches Rx.
    3:05 on the air squats.

  • Chris Adkins

    165# hang snatch. 7 rounds RX. 3:15 on air squats.

  • Stephanie

    93# hang snatch
    5rds + 1 hang snatch rx
    2:55 on the squats

  • Dena

    93# on hang snatch.
    6rds RX on WOD
    1:55 on squats all unbroken.

  • Josh T.

    145# on snatch. Awesome job Chris on finding that technique to jump that extra 20 lbs.

    8rds + 2 hang snatch (my first set of cleans was the same as the second set that neal had me re-do so no rx unless I get points for doing an extra six cheat cleans)

    2:27 on air squats. I was going to break these up into five sets, but nedab was going for unbroken so I couldnt back down from the challenge. I got fifty before I had to shake it out. He wouldve beat me, but he didnt rest after his wod.

  • BeckyReddoch

    got to 60# before we ran out of time on the hang snatch

    4 rounds plus 4 push ups @ 45#

    3:11 on the cash out( got 45 unbroken then went downhill quickly after that lol)

  • Erin

    Good job Becky!

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