Gung Ho


Shane During the Max Ring Hold

 WOD 2/24/12

AMRAP in 10 minutes:

15 Push-Ups

15 Sit-Ups

15 Air Squats

15m Bear Crawl (down and back)



Starting Monday, February 27 we will be moving the Noon class to 11:30am. Also, there is a box in the middle room labeled “Free Stuff” with misc sweaters, shirts, flip flops. Go through it and take your things. All the items will be donated to goodwill at the end of next week.


TODAY begins the journey to the CrossFit Games. We want EVERYONE to compete in the CrossFit Open this year. The first step is to get your profile set up at


There is no 9am stretching class tomorrow but we will have the 10 and 11am classes. We are hosting the first CrossFit Open workout tomorrow at CFB at 1pm. It is open to any and everyone; members and non-members.

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  • Josh T.

    Just checked out the roster for the south central region compared to last year’s. Last year had just over 600 competitors, but this year has over 2700. I’ll probably re-do my burpees to aim for 105 up from my 92 yesterday.. Jason you were right.. every rep counts. 10 more burpees would make a huge difference in place.

  • Brandon

    Neal is giving away a special surprise to everyone who attends today’s WOD. Go for it.

  • Kimball

    ….My bear crawl is more like a bear (stuck-in-quicksand-with-a-bear-trap-on-its-leg-trying-to) crawl…see ya at 6!

  • Garret

    Very funny sweetheart.

  • Austin J

    4 rounds rx

  • Jaywes23

    81 burpees
    5 rds RX

  • Miguel

    81 burpees & 4 rds rx. No me gusts bear crawls.

  • Jamie Coleman

    77 burpees
    5 Rounds with red band push ups!

  • Neal

    122 burpees on attempt 1 Thursday. Got 129 on my second attempt on Saturday. (got 130 but there was one rep where my left hand didn’t hit)

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