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WOD 7/16/12

Hang Power Clean – Find a 3 rep max


5 Rounds:

25 Double Unders

5 Hang Power Cleans (75% of 3 rep max)

15 Plate Push-Ups*


*Plate Push-Up – Start with one hand on a 45# bumper and one hand on the ground. Execute a push-up and as you come up “jump” yourself to the side so that your other hand ends up on the plate. You will alternate side to side every rep, with one hand on the ground and one hand on the bumper during each rep.


If you missed the CrossFit Games over the weekend you can watch all the events at

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  • Johnny

    I am coming in hot and heavy for this one!

  • cody

    8:47 rx @175#

  • Stephanie

    133# x 3 for hang power cleans
    12:19 w/ 98#

  • Clint

    175# hang clean x 3 (20# PR!!!)
    10:27 on the WOD. 15 DU, 135# hang cleans. Wish I would have attempted to RX it. Felt good to get moving again after yesterday’s WOD.

  • Jj

    175 with Clint

    11:01 rx. Pushups were terrible. 135#

  • Garret

    Clint, I can’t believe you or JJ were even working out today after yesterday’s WOD. 235# 3RM hang clean; 11:04 3xsingles & 175#

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    185 on strength work.

    9:00 with 3x singles and 140#. Would have been nice to shave a minute off that time but alas I have no double under yet. Oh well. That was a good pretty wod for me

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