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Our workouts leave you on the floor

The Definitive Guide To Fats via Mark’s Daily Apple. Great site for information on the Paleo diet.

WOD 3/18/10

3 Rounds:
250m Row
Kettlebell hold In rack postion (53#/35#)
With a partner: One partner rows 250m while the other holds two kettlebells in the rack position. Once the first partner completes 250 meters on the rower they switch. Each partner will row and hold the kettlebells 3 times.
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  • miranda

    7:50 @ 26#
    max push up 12

  • ATS

    This is how we do it…
    5:57 Rx w/ Partha

  • Stefan

    6:27 Rx

    22 max ring push ups

  • Marcus

    6:24 @ 53#,53#,35#

    23 max ring push ups

  • Clayton

    5:57 RX
    14 Ring P.U.

    50 Burpees for being late!!!!

  • Stephen

    6:16 Rx

    22 ring p u

  • Neal

    5:35 RX
    30 Ring Push Ups

    Clayton was a beast as usual. Nice job on the burpees, but don’t be late!

  • miranda

    I woke up sore this morning, and it was allllmost 12. so I chose to recover lol I had 2 minutes to decide whether I wanted to be late, or heal up.

    looks like more people showed up to the night classes. I do have to say it was nice to have an hour of personally training

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