Featured Athlete – Stephanie Chambers

Beast Mode Is Right!

My name is Stephanie Chambers and I am 29 years old. I remember squeezing into a pair of size 8 pants thinking to myself I CANNOT get into double-digit pant sizes. I signed up for a globo gym membership and got a personal trainer the next day.


I had been working out at the gym for a few months when a co-worker, who is on the local roller derby team, invited me to the Saturday roller derby class at CrossFit Beaumont. I pulled into the parking lot pretty confident that I would rock whatever workout they had, I mean, I had been going to the gym; it couldn’t be THAT hard. I was wrong. That ten-minute sit-up, air squat and push up AMRAP left me gasping for air. I singed up for the on-ramp classes the next week and learned very quickly to check my ego at the door. That was in March 2011.


Stephanie Before

At first I was only going two days a week, using CFB to supplement my globo gym workouts. It wasn’t long before I started dreading going to the gym and absolutely couldn’t wait for the days I went to CFB. I looked at the WODs every night before I went to sleep. I talked about it to anyone who would listen to me. I was and still am obsessed with the CrossFit workout regimen. In August 2011, I ditched the trainer and the gym and signed on at CFB full time. I also started to buy into the paleo lifestyle and switched up my eating habits. The progress I’ve made has been awesome. When I started CFB I was doing ring rows and struggling to do any movement with a barbell and scaled every single workout. Today, I’m on the board for max rep pull-ups and almost all of the major lifts and squats and am able to RX pretty much every workout.


CrossFit has changed my views on health and fitness and my life. There is no limit. It never gets easier. There is always a challenge. You can always get better. I love the CrossFit community and the support you get from everyone. The coaches and other athletes always push you and cheer you on. I love getting to cheer everyone else on and it’s so neat to get to watch everyone else progress and make huge gains.


I can’t thank Neal and the other coaches enough for all of their encouragement and for always pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I am happy to say that I’m down to a size 4, my bf % has dropped from almost 24% to 21%, I’m more toned and most importantly I feel better overall. I know with CrossFit and the community that comes with it, I can only continue to get better.

Stephanie After

EVERYONE should do CrossFit or at least give it a good honest try. It will change your life, I promise.