Featured Athlete – Rebecca Lockler

Prior to CrossFit I thought I was in pretty good shape. I would run 3-4 times a week and do some form of core work. One day I decided to try a free class which opened my eyes to a whole new world of fitness. My entire body was sore for about a week, but I loved it! A few days after my free class, I signed up for an on ramp and began my CrossFit journey. I look back at photos prior to CrossFit and can’t believe how different my body has changed – In a good way! I have gained some weight since starting CrossFit over four years ago, but it has been a healthy transformation and I feel more confident now. I have built strength that I did not know was possible and continue to get better. The people I have met at CFB are now some of my best friends. The community is like no other and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. After doing CrossFit for a few years I am now in the best shape of my life.