Featured Athlete -Marcus McLellan

CFB’s featured athlete for April, Marcus Mclellan. Check out Marcus’ story.

Marcus giving it his all
My name is Marcus McLellan. I have been working out off and on for my whole life. I would join a gym and lift weights or run on the treadmill just like everyone else. I always had a hard time gaining muscle and trimming down what body fat I had. This went on forever and ever.
I stumbled across Crossfit sometime last year when one of my co-workers mentioned it to me. He found it on the internet. So I thought I would check it out. I searched the internet and found the main Crossfit website. I began searching the site, and I liked the results that people were getting from the workouts. I got some sand bags, built a pull-up bar at my house, and started working out at home. I did that for some time and noticed little difference. Apparently I was missing something. I found some Crossfit gyms in Houston, but my work schedule would not work out. I continued to workout at home.
At the beginning of this year I heard there was a Crossfit Gym opening up in Beaumont. After finding out where it was I stopped by and met a really enthusiastic guy, named Neal. He told me about Crossfit and told me to try it out for two weeks free. I am all about FREE stuff. The following week I took him up on his offer. I just thought I was in shape when I went for the two week trial. I learned that I was not. I was extremely sore, had no stamina, and sucked at everything I did. Even though I had all these issues during the workouts; I enjoyed them. It was nothing like an ordinary gym where you go in and just do your own thing. Neal was always there pushing me and everyone else was pushing each other. After my two week trial, I decided to join.
I started by going about four times a week. Neal then talked to me about the Paleo Diet. I am all about eating beef, fish, and chicken, but I am not a big fan of veggies. I knew if I wanted significant changes I needed to learn to embrace them. Over the next month I noticed more definition in my arms, chest, legs and a little in my gut. I also noticed that my workout started getting a little bit easier. I have to contribute this to the change in diet and the type of training I was getting at Crossfit Beaumont. I was determined to get on the board and Rx a workout. After a few more weeks I finally Rx’d my first workout. The feeling I had was something I had never felt before from working out. I continued to push myself and finally made it on the leader board. Once I made it I wanted to continue to be on the board, so that meant pushing myself even further, because there is always someone else that wants to be on the leader board and there are not that many spots. At Crossfit Beaumont you not only push yourself, but everyone else at the gym is there pushing you too. Then in turn you are there to push them when they need it. This is something I have never experienced at any other gym. I also like to run and noticed that after training at Crossfit Beaumont I was able to run without getting winded like I did before I started Crossfit.
The atmosphere at Crossfit Beaumont is filled with energy and enthusiasm especially from Neal who is passionate about what he does and enjoys sharing. For everyone out there reading this, if you have been just lifting weights in a gym and have not had the results that you wanted, you need to come to Crossfit Beaumont because that is where the answer is waiting.