Featured Athlete – Kristen Michaelsen


I started CrossFit Beaumont in the Fall of 2016 and I am so happy I finally joined!! I was unhappy in my body; specifically my health and weight. I tried running and working out on my own but always became unmotivated, got bored and quit. My sister suggested I look into CrossFit and I thought she was crazy to think I could even attempt such a high intensity workout. It took me a couple months and my sister’s constant push to give it a try but I eventually signed up for the New You class at CrossFit Beaumont (a beginner course for women). New you was a great way to get started in CrossFit and it was definitely the best decision I have made towards becoming healthier and stronger. The classes will definitely challenge you and keep you interested! ANYONE can do ANY of the workouts because the workouts can be scaled to match your level of experience. I just finished my first Open and really got to experience the camaraderie of the CrossFit Beaumont community. The coaches are very helpful, extremely knowledgeable and motivational. I have lost significant weight and inches but more importantly I have gained a support system to stay healthy and active in order to take care of myself! Specials thanks to my coaches Erica, Neal and Kara- ya’ll are amazing!!!