Featured Athlete – Jennifer Gregory

My name is Jennifer Gregory and I am an athlete. I NEVER thought I would say that about myself until I came to Crossfit Beaumont. I started Crossfit this past March because my baby was about to turn one, I weighed more than I did when I was pregnant and felt bad overall. I had a treadmill in my den but it stood there while I watched TV. I had done Crossfit 5 years ago, but was not in the right mindset to commit. This time I was ready. As a working mom whose husband works nights, I have very little time to work out so my first workout milestone was getting out of bed at 5:30am to attend 6:00am class. I was greeted by a fun group of people and a wonderful coach(Erica!) who made getting up and going to class even easier. The next milestone I hit was finally realizing that I would have to both eat well AND work out to reach my desired goal. Now I focus on protein and vegetables, but do not deny myself treats occasionally to avoid completely falling off the wagon. I feel lighter when I eat better and that allows me to get the most out of each workout. Crossfit is hard, but it is hard for everyone. While I am sweating buckets doing my 4th round of an AMRAP, there can be one of the fittest people beside me struggling just like me. Weightlifting is something I would have never attempted at a regular gym, but the personal training I receive at Crossfit makes it easy to learn and gives me the confidence to continue working to become stronger. One of the most important things you get at Crossfit is support. Crossfit Beaumont members are the most supportive people around. They cheer each other on, shout words of encouragement when you are struggling and never let the last person finishing a workout finish alone. THIS is what makes Crossfit great. Because of this I am 5 months in, 40 pounds lighter and more importantly, stronger and more confident than ever. I’ve got a long way to go, but I know I will make my goal and continue to make new ones along the way! I hope I can show people thinking about joining Crossfit Beaumont that you don’t have to look fit or be in great shape to join. ANYONE can be an athlete. An athlete is someone who shows up, gives 110% and never gives up. I am an athlete.