Featured Athlete – Braxton Bennett

Like most people, I fell victim to the timeframe where health and wellness was not much of a concern in my life. After taking a look in the mirror and hearing a little bit about the Crossfit phenomenon, I started to become curious. I knew I was bored with the typical gym membership – doing the same, monotonous routine day in and day out. After a few months of mental deliberation, I made the choice to try Crossfit and, little did I know how great the journey would be. Over at least the last 4 years, I have become much better person, mentally and physically, because of the decision to take control of my fitness. Crossfit has afforded me the opportunity to be more mindful of what is good and bad for my mind and body holistically, which in turn yielded physical results of trimming down and being more confident and comfortable with myself. Crossfit continues to challenge me in various ways on a daily basis and given me the confidence to participate in a number of Crossfit competitions and even transition to Olympic Lifting Competitions (so much fun!). It has been such a fun journey since making that one decision years ago and I wouldn’t trade the experience and the wonderful friends I’ve made along this journey. #strong