Christmas Party Crew!

 WOD 1/19/12

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 All sets at 75-85% of one rep max

3 Tall Box Jumps or 3 Broad jumps between each set


4 Rounds:

In 60 seconds complete 10 squat jumps then max Hollow Rocks

In 60 seconds complete 100m Run then max Push-Ups


The workout will be exactly 8 minutes. There is no rest from minute to minute. Score is total number of Hollow Rocks and Push-Ups completed.


Nutrition is the most important factor when it comes to overall health. Is your diet where it needs to be? If you have any questions please ask a coach. We have lots of members with copies of “The Paleo Solution” and I’m sure someone would be glad to let you borrow it. Leave comments if you have any questions about healthy eating habits.


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  • Scott

    225 lbs. back squats – 170 reps on WOD. Was mostly impressed with Zak’s shooting skills (3 pt. range – made 2 upside down box baskets with a single shot). Fun extra game at end.

  • Austin J

    225 lbs. back squats – 110 reps on the WOD. I also was impressed with Zak’s shooting skills!

  • ShereePierce

    75-85# and a 20″ box on he skill work. just realized that it should have been more. Started with wrong # calculating. But it gave me time to wok on form a little. Thanks, Kara, for the suggestion. Women gotta use those hips!
    73 reps. Never got more than 3 or 4 push ups at a time!
    Game was fun even though I had to do mtn climbers…twice!

  • Miguel

    Is this wod in reference to the soda brand that was founded in 1907?

  • Cody

    Isn’t faygo what icp juggalos drink? 315# back squats. 150 and did ring push ups with Clayton.

  • Neal

    hahaha Cody yes. I was wondering if anyone would know what it is. Juggalos were in an episode of workaholics and it made me laugh. I then spent about 10 minutes on google looking at images of juggalos. probably the trashiest people on the planet.

  • Cody

    Ya they all look like gothic drug addicts. I like icp because they make me laugh so much.

  • Nedab

    225# bs
    111 reps with ghd sub for hollow rocks

  • Chris Adkins

    225-245 lbs. On back squats. 162 reps on WOD. Fun workout.

  • Dena

    170-180 on back squats. 145 reps on the workout. Hollow rocks get really hard!
    2:52 on cash-out with 53# lb KB

  • Clayton

    good call on the ghd nedab. Cody and I did ring Push ups. 315# for the squats, then 110 reps for the WOD.

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