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WOD 7/26/11

4 Sets of “The Bear Complex”

Bear Complex:

Hang Clean

Front Squat

Push Press To Back

Back Squat

Push Press To Front

Complete this seven times without the bar touching the ground to complete one set.

Try to increase the weight each set

For Time:

200m Run

200m Run with small sandbag

200m Run with medium sandbag

200m Run with large sandbag

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  • Neal

    We’re closing in on 5000 comments!

  • Jason

    I think Jacob Franks busting on JJ is probably 1000 of those.

  • Scott Caldwell

    Just recovered enough from Aw Shucks to exercise again. Convieniently skipped “Morrison” but looking forward to Bear Complex. Still following the site regularly. I am glad CFB has become so succesful. I still need to drop in a see the new BOX.

  • Miranda

    I had to come over and do this bear complex! Awesome! I got 75# and dropped 4 rounds into 85#. and 5:30 on the run. 20# vest then small bag then medium. Fun! I heart Crossfit!!

  • Jaywes23

    Sets @ 95/105/115/125
    That was a great wod

  • CA

    115 for my heaviest set. ( Ran out of time, only did 3 ).
    4:17 on the relay. Lost some time trying to find the heavy bag.

    Jay you’re an animal.

  • JJ

    did 3 at ..heavy at 100#

    3:42 on the run

  • Clayton

    95-135-185-185. Death. Death. Then 45# bag, small stone, big stone, then a 200m Miranda carry. Miranda’s idea!!’ but it was fun!

  • Shannon D.

    I would have loved to see that! I bet the passerbys enjoyed it.

  • Miranda

    It was supposed to be a fleeting comment, but it became real so fast lol.

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