WOD 10/18/12

Max Height Box Jump



AMRAP in 20 minutes:

20 Wall Ball 20/14

10 Deadlift 225/155

20 Box Jumps 24/20


Please donate to our page to support Barbells For Boobs! If you plan on competing this weekend please donate before hand. If you can’t join us this Saturday please consider a contribution; every little bit helps. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed!

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  • K Doubt

    So excited there are no burpees tomorrow! It’s the little things that make days better.

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    I think neal has a deal with my orthapedic Dr! Anyways…see y’all at 5

  • Miguel

    Damn…..That guy is sexy. I’d get his myspace!

  • Allie

    I loved everything about this WOD! The skill work on the other hand, ehhh..

    Skill work – 36″
    WOD – 5 Rounds + 15 wall balls RX

  • Kelly

    I’m with you on this one Allie! Loved this WOD from the moment it was posted.

    Skill work- 30
    WOD- 5 rounds + 20 wall balls

  • Brandon

    Tenderized my ankle this past weekend. However, the gauntlet has been dropped. I need to at least attempt to hit 48″ again, if not more.

  • Jj

    i dont know what you guys are talking about. legs legs and legs. long workout and high volume??? NO BUENO.

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    Come on jj you got this. Don’t let this old man with bum knees beat ya!

  • jj

    DL is my worst lift but i will be going 225 to prepare for the competition. and i suck at wall ball as well. but you know i do love me some box jumps

  • Sarah N

    Wish i didn’t have to miss this workout today! looks like a good one

  • John A.

    Finally some DLs!

  • Michael L.

    48″ for the skill work – finally made the board for something (sadly there is no “best hair” category, which is an outrage)

    4 rounds + 20 wall balls Rx for the WOD. Was pretty sore from yesterday.

  • Sheree Pierce

    Can you get an RX+? I decided to go for it since I got on a 24″ in the skill work. Unloading my bar and one of my 10s was a 15 so I really did 160!! I only got 3 rds + 11 wb but I was happy.

  • Dan

    42 in Box Jump, 4 rounds plus 3 Box Jumps RXd

  • JeremyWF

    50″ box jump
    Not sure how many rounds or reps but it was RX

  • Jj

    46 3/4″ Two inch pr

    5 plus 5 wall ball rx

  • Clint

    44″ box jump
    WOD – 5 rounds + 15 box jumps RX

  • Josh T.

    42″ box jump
    5 rds + 15 box jumps rx

  • Neal

    55″ was really excited to get that but wasn’t able to get a new PR going for 56″

    6 Rounds + 20 WB RX

  • Kara R

    4 rounds plus the wall balls and dead lifts RX. I loved this workout! Probably shouldn’t have paced myself as much as I did but oh well.

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