Don’t Drop The Bar


Get Your Hips Below Knees!

WOD 8/24/11

5-10 minute Skill Review: Coaches Pick


Deadlifts (135/95)

Hang Cleans (135/95) – Hang cleans start from above the knee

Cash Out: Max 200m SPRINTS in 10 minutes. After each run you must rest the exact amount of time it took you to complete the previous run. Go as fast as you can during each effort.

Please RSVP for open gym on Sundays from now on. If class is at CFB contact Neal by phone, text (409-651-5679), or email. If class is at CFMC contact Stefan at 409-651-0210. You must RSVP by noon on Sunday. If no one RSVP’s then there will not be open gym.

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  • fara

    Time 7:29 65# (very weak wrist today) 5 rounds of 200s…..and let me say it was 4 too many. My legs & butt hate crossfit BUT I LOVE IT! Thanks to Chris D for the push, wouldve stopped after first 200 🙂

  • Clint

    WOD – 5:22 @ 95#
    8 x 200m

  • Clint

    On second thought I’m pretty sure it was only 7 x 200m

  • Jason

    After 2 days of being very tight and sore…… Im ready to tackle this WOD. Unbroken baby! (Probably not though. This will be a grip killer.)

  • hardyf

    clint I think you are right, 8 rds cuts it too close, so it must have been 7 rounds,

    7:47 for the wod @ 135#, I can’t call it RX cause my last 9 cleans, where a mix between deadlift into a clean/power clean…so if had to be hang clean I can’t claim it….My grip was gone about middle of 15 cleans

    I love WOD’s like today especially with the cash out 200s!!

  • Jason

    4:20 Rx. 7 rounds of running. That was fun. Clayton you got me really thinking about doing that at 155.

  • Heaher

    So glad I came to Beaumont today, I miss seeing you guys!!!
    9:43 Rx I’m proud of myself for that.

  • Sean

    5:25 RX- physically tough
    7 runs- mentally tough. Lots of complex numerical equations haha

  • stephanie

    5:57 @ 75#
    5 runs

    Didn’t make it past box jump one on the 8pm class.

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