Don’t Be A Stephen


Don't Let Go Of Your Kettlebell

WOD 3/9/10

Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3
Box Squat Box Jumps 3-3-3-3-3
Between each set of Overhead Squats we will get a set of Box Squat Box Jumps. Each set we will get heavier in the overhead squat and try and go higher in the box jumps.
Death By Push-Ups
With a running clock complete 2 pushups on the first minute, 4 pushups on the second minute, 6 pushups on the third minute, etc, until you can no no longer complete the number of pushups assigned for that minute.

Post Overhead Squat load, box jump height, and minutes completed to the comments.

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  • Josh

    75#/18in/18 (Not exactly sure on the box height)

  • miranda

    omg! I shouldn’t read this BEFORE I work out lol

  • Stephen

    I like how right before this happened Neal gave us a very motivational speech on Virtuosity. I was so motivated and nervous about not messing up all at once, in a state of weakness towards the end of the work out the kettlebell lept from my hands. At least that’s how I remember it. Sorry Neal. Great teaching point though.

  • Marcus

    Sounds like a great workout, sorry I missed it. Worked out with Crossfit Central in Austin today. They are really nice and the workout was great. will share the WOD of that day when I get back.

  • Neal

    175 on OHS and 36” on the box-squat box-jumps. 22 Pushups on rings

  • miranda

    I will brag about my low weights and heights! lol
    35 on over head squat
    16 on box squat box jump
    15 push ups

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