Dead Test


705102_10151376648372845_793961758_oWOD 10/7/13

Deadlift – Find a 1 rep max



AMRAP in 20 minutes:

5 Pull-Ups

10 Push-Ups

15 Air Squats

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  • ron nichols

    425# DL. Huge PR for me.

    15rds blue band dead hang and purple pushups.

  • Sean M

    21 rounds plus 5 push ups RX

    Dead lift 405 pr

  • Sheree Pierce

    230# dl for a 15# pr!
    10 rounds + pull-ups(blue) and 4 push ups (red). Also a pr!
    Great day today!

  • Greg

    355# dl not a pr, not a happy camper, should have been heavier but gotta work on my form I guess

    16 rds of Cindy, push ups got me but I am getting better at those.

  • Heather

    245# DL 20# pr
    10 rds knee push ups

  • Juan M

    325# on DL which was a 10# PR from the last time we found a one rep max

    18 rounds RX on Cindy

  • Clint

    335# Deadlift, slowly but surely getting more comfortable with heavier deadlifts.

    20rds RX on Cindy. PR

    Good work today by a lot of people. There were some solid #s put up.

  • JJ

    320 dl. Continue my five pound pr sequence on dl

    21 rx. 3 round pr
    Push-ups were ten times better than ever for me on this

  • Elyse

    275# DL… not a PR. DL’s just seemed really heavy today

    19 Rds RX (2 round PR)

    but I’m most excited that I got 3 unbroken Muscle-ups today! 🙂

  • Dena

    255# DL 10# PR, I’ll take that!
    14 rounds AGAIN on Cindy. 4 times I’ve done this work out in 2 years and 4 times I have gotten 14 rounds. Whatever…

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