We will miss you Jon!

WOD 6/15/12

Run 800M for time.

*The AMRAP will start exactly 8 minutes after the start of the run.

8 minute AMRAP of:

10 Push Press @ 115/75# (no racks)
20 Perfectly Vertical KBS @ 24/16kg
30 Double-Unders

*Rest 4 minutes.

Run 800m for time.


If you plan on competing this weekend you need to be at CFB no later than 8:30am. Judges and Volunteers need to arrive by 7:45am. Everything should be finished around 2 or 3pm. We still need a few more judges and volunteers so if you’re able to help please email Thanks!


We will be having an after party at CFB but we won’t start until later that evening.

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  • Jon

    New WOD:
    Jonny gotta go
    5 minute Amsap (as much stuff as possible)
    in 5 min move as much stuff as possible from Jonson apt to his uhaul

  • Garret

    Wish I was there to help you bud and throw back a few. . . I’m stuck at work. Gonna miss ya’ bro. Take care

  • Neal

    Jon, I hate that workout. But best of luck in WV

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