WOD 8/8/12

15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
7 Clean & Jerks @ 70% (of above)


This weekend two of our athletes will be competing in the CrossFit Katy Competition, “Bring The Heat.” There are other competitions coming up in the next few months including The Athlete Open in Austin (Sept) and Oktoberfest Obliteration in Houston (October). If you find out about more competitions let us know so we can get our athletes signed up. Spots usually fill up quickly so you need to know before hand whether you want to compete and what division you should compete in.

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  • hardyf

    220# c&j 15# PR from last week, 10:48 on WOD @155#

  • Jj

    About to rant to the community. Fitting title.

    With five chances to pr this week on lifts. Last weeks Helen and chief so seven total and one pr only and throw on top running and other stuff that use to be my thing I now suck at its safe to say I’m in a regression. Clearly due to the things I put in my body so if you are struggling like I am the solution is so clear. When cf and the coaches say its about nutrition they are right.

    With that said got 185 failed the pr 195 three times.
    Wod 11:07 135# and a nice walk in the steam. Embarrassing

  • Greg

    185# c&j 30#pr; 12:19 @125# on the WOD

  • Jason

    8:35 @ 155#

  • Scott

    165 lbs.; 8:59 @ 115 lbs.

  • Mitch

    8:05 @ 135#

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