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I know, I'm sick of seeing Stefan on the blog too..

 WOD 10/12/11


Snatch (115/75)

Box Jumps 24/20


With a partner:

2 Rounds of 200m Run while partner does max KB Swings then switch. Each partner runs twice and swings twice.

Immediately into 2 Rounds of 200m Run while partner does max Wall Ball then switch.

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  • Marc

    This wod looks fun! Might have to stop by CFB tomorrow for this one!

  • Clayton

    I’m not. We should put up a Stefan section. Where we can post our favorite pics and memories of him.

  • Lauren C

    That’s a really great idea, Clayton. He’s just so blogible.

  • Nathan M.

    I completely agree

  • Serennah

    I was there this morning and I can say I tried my best and some days that’s just all you can say….

  • Sheree Pierce

    Serennah, be patient. Coming off an injury you have to do what you can do. If you’re wiped out, you had a good wod.
    I was right at 9:00 on the first part with 53# and a 16″ box. (MUST move up to a 20″.)
    Jim and I got 10:something on the 2nd part. I had 59 swings/wbs. He had 35 wbs but I don’t know how many swings.
    Never thought I’d be LOOKING FOWARD to a run for “rest!”

  • Marc

    I suggest we just build a shrine of stefan! We can post it up like the rocky statue! It will become a landmark!

  • Erin

    7:34 on the WOD @ 45# and a 24″ box
    33 KBS @ 45#
    24 wall ball shots @ 20#
    Ya know, thought I’d get a little adventurous and scale up on some things. It was def. a challenge.

  • JJ

    6:07 95# 30″

    52 swings 55# 39 WB 20#
    well done erin

  • Miguel

    5:02 85# 24″

    32 swings 53#, 35 wb 20#

    Wasn’t sure if I was going to make it today, glad I did. Got my 5 o’clock bro time.

  • Dena

    6:36 with 78# on 20″box. 45 lb KBS 50; 14 lb ball 52. Great job Erin. Neal told me you were throwing a 20# ball after I started. I’m glad because I did not want to throw that ball!

  • Stephanie

    5:28 63#, 16″ box. 40 kb swings @ 35#, 31 wb @ 14# (started with 10# for a few reps before Neal said he hoped I was throwning a 14# ball) Thanks for the push.

    Erin & Dena = total beasts. That is all! 🙂

  • CA

    5:32 with 95# 30inch box.

    Did GHD Situps – 33 and Back Extensions – 44

  • Jason

    4:42 @ 95#. Feeling a little weak after yesterdays output. Good WOD.

  • fara

    8:14 65#, 16″; 53 lb @35#, 32 wallballs @10#

    Great workout….awesome job Erin!
    Serennah……keep it up, you got this. See ya in the morning!

  • Erin

    Thanks guys!

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