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Cassi & Krissi - Always Dressed To Impress

WOD 5/24/11

5 Rounds:

5 Handstand Push-Ups

10 Burpees

Time Trial: 500m Row

Post times to comments. Congrats to Krissi for winning her division at the Lake Charles competition this past weekend!

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  • Cassi

    Go Krissi!! You are one fabulous lady!! And evidently a badass!!!!!

  • Erin

    Congrats krissi! You did awesome this weekend! Where was this? Yall look cute 🙂

  • Krissi

    Thanks ladies! This was at the Warrior Dash in Conroe.

  • toben

    5:54 on the WOD, made 2 rounds of HSPU w/ 2 ab mats then had to go to the 24″ box and pike push ups then 1:37.2 on the row

  • Jim M

    7.44 on the WOD with a 20lb vest then 146.2 on the row

  • Neal

    1:35 on the 500m row… I’d much rather run

  • hardyf

    6:26 with 24″Pike, 1:33.9 on row, wasted too much time trying to do 2 ab mat hspu, did get one round that way

  • Sheree

    7:02 on the wod with 2 rounds of 20# dbs and the last 3 with 15s. 2:06 on the row which ois only a :02.7 pr. REALLY wanted to get under 2.
    BUT I DID do 5 pike push-ups on a 12″ box for warm up…and got in a handstand (with Toben’s help! Couldn’t push my whole body up, though!) I WILL get there!

  • JJ

    6:33 with 1 mat first time to complete a wod with 1 mat. harder than i thought but glad i fought through it

    1:39 on the row. pleased

  • Becky

    CONGRATS KRISSI!!! ur awesome 🙂

    5:11 on the WOD (2 mats)
    2:11.8 on the row

  • Jason

    6:27 on the WOD with 2 mats. The row sucked. I cramped up at 250 meters. 2 weeks with no legs cost me. The GREAT news is my knees feel no pain after 50 burpees. Now…. on to winning the paleo challenge.

  • Serennah

    Jason I love you but I’m gonna beat you in the challenge… Uh so sorry!!! 🙂

  • Tyler B

    6:27 on wod 1:36 on row

  • Cassi

    5:35 with one mat and a 10# plate! 2:33.5 for the row. I hate rowing!!!!

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