CFB Christmas Party


CrossFit Beaumont will be having a Christmas Party this Saturday, December 18 at 8pm. We will have a white elephant gift exchange so bring a small gift ($5 or less) and also try to bring an unwrapped toy for a child to benefit Toys For Tots.  There will be an optional workout involved. We will have snacks and beverages but feel free to bring your own. This event will also be a going away party for one of our first members, DJ Monteilh. So be there to see him off!

Every Minute for 60 minutes:

1 Shot of beer (or egg-nog or other beverage)

1 Burpee

Feel free to bring your significant other. If you can’t make it we would love if you could bring a toy by the gym for our toy drive. Just drop it off in the office. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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  • toben

    oh lord…

    i dare someone to do the WOD w/ spiked eggnog. we will need to keep a bucket close by…

  • Clayton

    Dang. I’m on duty that day. But I expect Pr’s and rx’s all over the place!!!

  • Shannon

    Me too dangit!!

  • amber

    I have Ryan’s office party! Dang! I will see if I can’t work something out and make a late entrance :).

  • Sheree

    Amber, it should be pretty interesting in the late part of the evening!

  • hardyf

    I am counting down….though I think I will just watch the

  • randa

    I will be able to come. I was worried it would be late. See you guys tonight.

  • Miranda

    No beverage shooting and subbed burpee’s for pull ups . . . Good job Shawn for doing 60 muscle ups while drinking power aide! And to the Bryans for doing ‘something’ every minute for an hour lol AWESOME!

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