Catastrophe And The Cure


WOD 8/2/12

15 minutes to work up to a Heavy Power Clean & Push Jerk. (No Squat, No Split)


For total time:

Cash In with 25 Burpees

3 rounds of:
15 Ring Dips
50 Double-Unders

Cash Out with 25 Burpees


There will be no stretching class this Saturday but we will have our 10am members class and free class at 11am.

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  • Scott

    155 lbs. PC/PJ (I know it’s not much, but still a PR – so I’ll take it).
    (15 RD with red band, 50 DU’s) x 3. Also set another PR w/35 unbroken DU’s.
    and the 50 burpees + 5 for the cup of water. Slowly catching up to you, Cody.

  • cody

    You da man Scott. Keep up the progress. Wish I could make this workout. Much needed rest day

  • jeremywf


  • Jeremy Johnstone

    205, 10:21(3x singles)

  • Greg

    155#, 11:46(3x singles) Took a little time to start the last set of burpees then realized I had not done the last rd of jumpropes.

  • Burt

    Damn Franks, you didn’t miss a beat.

  • Garret

    245# PC&J 10#PR Had more but ran out of time; 11:57 (3xsingles)

  • Stephanie

    133# Clean and Push Jerk. Not close to my max but I’ll take it.
    10:4? w/ red band and double unders

  • Jason

    405# deadlift PR.
    11:55 subbed 600 m run for the burpees. My wrist is getting closer but still tender.

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