WOD 7/11/12

Muscle-Up Skill Work

Snatch Skill Work




9-7-5 of:

Snatches (full squat) @ 135/95#


Join us on Sunday at 1pm where we will be attempting to do SIX named workouts back to back without rest between. It’s going to be one big terrible killer workout. Let me know in the comments section if you plan on attending.


Due to lack of attendance we will no longer have open gym on Sundays. We will have special events on Sundays from time to time like we are doing this week.

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  • cody

    9:03 rx

  • Clint

    Oh yeah!

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    6:43 (jumping muscle ups,95#). was going to go with 115# but neal told me my form was crap and he didnt want me blowing out a shoulder. i think he was right. thanks coach

  • Sheree Pierce

    I can finally say publicly that I will not be there Sunday (to watch only of course) because I WILL BE IN CARSON, CA, WATCHING KP COMPETE ON THE “CrossFit Central Competors” team!!!

  • Clint

    12:26 (RX muscle ups, 115# squat snatch). Exceeded the 12 minute cutoff but I wasn’t about to quit with only a few reps left.

  • Jj

    12:27 doing 6-4-2 rep scheme for muscle ups. Did 9-7-5 for snatch 115 on the nine. Finished the seven and five 95

  • Jason

    9:58 @ 115# and a myriad of scaling for mu’s.

  • Neal

    5:25 RX 8 seconds slower than when I did it in 2010 but I think I missed two reps on the snatch…

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