Jay Is Hard Core, He Runs Through Mud

WOD 5/18/11

Tabata Deadlift (225/155) for max reps

5 Rounds:

10 Double Unders

10 Push-Ups

10 V-Ups (Laying flat on your back with hands overhead touch your toes while keeping your arms and legs as straight as possible)

Please scale the deadlifts! You should complete around 40-60 reps during the tabata cycle so SCALE ACCORDINGLY. Post your deadlift weight, reps completed, and time for the met-con.

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  • amber c

    I did double enders! 😀

  • Jim M

    185lbs dl 35 reps. 4:55 on wod v ups got to me again

  • Sheree

    Congrats on the doubleEnders, Amber! I’m GOING TO GET THEM!
    Jim, you were killing the wod! I had to go to the bent-knee v-ups.
    When Kara said 40-60 deadlifts, I laughed but I got 55 at 95#!
    I was 8:08 on the WOD, BUT I was doing toe pushups with a purple band…first time to do them in a WOD! Started my last round and looked up to see EVERYBODY ELSE finished and resting. Guess what! I DON’T CARE!!!

  • Serennah

    Maybe someday I’ll get double Enders or Unders I’ll take either!! Yup the V up are yet another weekness to add to my list of things to overcome!! Fun time this am

  • Jason

    I cant tell if Jay is posing as a tough guy or if hes blowing the camera a kiss.

  • Jay

    Haha, I’m giving my best shot at a Mick Jagger impersonation

  • hardyf

    54 dl @ 185#, 5:10 for wod 3*singles, knees bend for v-ups

  • Neal

    60 Deadlifts @ 225# I had a plan mapped out for all 8 rounds of the tabata interval which would have given me 68 reps but that quickly went out the window.

    3:07 on the WOD V-Ups get tough

  • Jaywes23

    50 dl @ 185#
    4:14 (only got one hand to touch toes a couple of reps, so can’t say rx)

  • Rachel G

    Wow what a workout! Thanks Toben for kicking our butts!

    115 DL did 43.

    3xs singles, knee pushups, and some awkward movement that kinda got toes to fingers.

  • Jason

    Toben that was a really good class. You’re going to be a very good coach. 62 Reps Rx 8,8,8,8,8,8,7,7. I just couldn’t get rep 8 in those last 2 rounds. Too slow. Clay you’re a beast. Im still not feeling “right” but my knee was ok enough for deadlifts. 5 and change on a modified WOD that had KB swings instead of doubleunders.

  • Nedab

    55 DL rx
    4:31 rx

  • JJ

    got 52 reps at 185#

    4:09 rx on the met con

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