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Our newest coach, Chris Auster

WOD 8/31/10

Snatch – Find your 1 Rep Max
Every Minute for 8 minutes:
Complete 2 Snatch
Post your lightest and heavist reps.

Guys, We will have Shae coaching again tomorrow night at 8pm. If you want to improve your power lifting this is the time for it.

We will be closed this weekend. Classes start back up Tuesday (except for Monday night’s on-ramp class at 8pm).

Send in your Paleo Challenge results!

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  • Jacob

    125# PR. 115-125 in workout!

  • juggernaut

    awesome job! im debating on coming up there!

  • Clay

    185# Max 165# workout… Gotta work on my speed

  • Aaron

    160# 1RM; 135# for first 5 rds, 145# last 3 rds

  • Neal

    165# today, way short of the old PR 🙁

  • Bradd

    195# pr due to the first time I have ever done this lift. It wasn’t pretty but I got it up there. Can’t wait to work on it again.

  • Shannon

    80# 5#pr
    65 for the first 5 rnds then 70 for the last 3

  • JeremyWF

    145# – 125# on workout

    Still not sure exactly how to drop under it. I will definetly be working on my form.

  • Jaywes23

    135 max…115-130 for the WOD.

    I’m with you on that Jeremy, I definitely need to work on the form.


    I’m in the same boat… 165# Max – 145#, 155#, 135# for the 8 minutes.

    Day 59 Burpees… complete.

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