Big Green


WOD 6/5/12

12 minutes Split Jerk or Push Jerk technique work; whichever you prefer.   Work up to a heavy single.

5 rounds for time of:

11 Deadlifts @ 225/155#
11 Pushups (hand release)
11 V-Ups


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We still have plenty of spots left in the Golden Triangle Games. If you’re not sure if you can handle it email me to get an idea of what to expect. It can only make you better!

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  • Jason G.

    New PR on Push Jerk 195#

    8:58 RX for the work out

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    8:45 on the wod. Worked on trying to figure out this jerk thing with 185#

  • Dena

    143 on split jerk. 20 #pr! Haven’t done them in a while:)
    8:29 on WOD RX

  • Neal

    Split jerk 225#, got 235 locked out twice but couldn’t stand up….

    8:30 @ 275 on the workout

  • Rebecca Reddoch

    115# on split jerk..10# PR whoop whoop!!

    8:22 on the wod @ 115# …push ups are going to be the death of me….

  • Erica

    153# on push jerk, 10# PR since last week!
    7:54 on the WOD with 135# for DL. My backs totally tore up /:

  • cody

    265# split jerk. 6:43 rx.

  • Jon

    275# push jerk 7:45 rx

  • Stephanie

    145# push Jerk. 10# pr from my last clean and jerk.
    10:16 rx on the wod.

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