6 Week Fitness Challenge


Sydney NY

“This program has been a life changing experience. Everyone supports each other and learns together. I never felt inadequate and quickly learned that the only person I am competing against is myself. After 6 weeks I lost 4″ in my thighs and 4 inches in my stomach and my clothes are fitting better. If that wasn’t enough, my attitude towards myself has changed. I am strong and I can become the person I want to be.”

Julia NY

“I started the New You Program early 2016 and continued to train with CFB once it was over. After 9 months I am down 22 pounds and my pants went from a size 11 to size 7!”

Monique NY

“I lost 6 inches in my stomach and 4.5 inches in my hips during my six week challenge.

Kristen NY

“I lost 7 inches in my stomach, 4 in my hips, and 7lbs during my six week challenge.”

Jackie NY

“During my six week challenge I lost inches in my arms, stomach, hips, and thighs as well as 7lbs – I can’t wait to take my measurements again after the next six weeks!”

Sonja NY

“The six week program has been a life changing experience for me and I couldn’t be happier as I move into the regular group classes at CFB. I am 47 years old and for the last 8 years I have led a completely sedentary lifestyle and it had a devastating effect on my health. I had no energy, stamina or strength. I joined the “New You Program” on a whim as part of a birthday gift I gave to my daughter (Sydney). It has turned into one of the best things I have ever done for either one of us! Every aspect of Crossfit has had a positive impact on me. The way I view myself, my goals, my health and well being all shifted in a positive direction as I made my way through the program. Honestly, even the way I walk and carry myself has changed for the better. With every workout and new skill learned, I could see and feel myself getting stronger and more confident and it made me want more. Every time, without fail, that I stepped into the box (gym) I was greeted with acceptance, encouragement and respect. This support came not only from my exceptional and attentive trainers, but also from the members of CFB itself. My results after just six weeks astounded me. Inches lost, muscle gained and an excitement and drive to see just how much I could accomplish that I hadn’t felt in years! As a result, I signed up for a year membership before the New You program was even over. I am probably one of the most unlikely people imaginable to join, and stick with, Crossfit and I have absolutely no regrets! It has changed me and my life, and it can change yours too.””

Who Are We Looking For?

You do not need to be in good shape to start. This program is designed for beginners!

Must be willing to come to our facility 3 days per week.

Must be willing to take before and after photos to document our programs success.

This is an "all girls" class. Sorry Fellas.

Must commit to the entire 6 weeks. The first week is brutal. We need people who will be here at the end to reap the benefits of all this hardwork.

Must have the discipline to apply our nutrition plan. This is critical. We have program that is tested and it works, but only if you follow it!

Must enjoy working in group environment. The energy at a CrossFit gym is infectious. When it's positive energy, there's nothing better. But negative energy spreads too.

Must be committed to making this change. This will not work if the coaches and I want to see you reach your goals more than you do!

Must leave your ego and makeup at home. This is place where hard work is respected. It is humbling experience that we've all been through.

This is not a "biggest loser" type challenge. Not everybody will be coming in with the goal of weight loss. All transformations are welcome.

Must respect the rules of the gym. They're in place to set the culture. The culture is in place to give you the best workout experience we can.

Neal Riley – Owner of CrossFit Beaumont

This challenge was created to introduce CrossFit to a broader population. I have personally seen how CrossFit has dramatically changed the lives of those who commit to the process. This challenge was created to introduce CrossFit to those who would absolutely benefit from the training, but may be too intimidated to come in and try it on their own.

We are trying to find the right women who will work hard, finish the program, and ultimately be an amazing representation of what is possible through CrossFit training. If this sounds like something you would like to part of, fill out an application ASAP. We always fill up quickly. I look forward to meeting you in person very soon.