WOD 5/11/12

12 Min to Est a 2RM Snatch Balance


Bar starts behind the neck in the jumping position.

Pop the bar off your shoulders and drop into a full overhead squat.


8 minute AMRAP of:

7 Overhead Squats 115/75#
14 Toes To Bar
21 KB Swings 55/35


Tomorrow at CrossFit Mid-County we will be doing the “CrossFit Total” – Your max Deadlift, Back Squat, and Press added together. Be there at 12. As always we will be having our stretching class at 9am in Beaumont, followed by the members class at 10 and free class at 11.

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  • Cody

    Great workout. May need to take off so I’ll do halfway decent on my lifts tomorrow.

  • Garret

    I’m with you Cody. I wanted to come today because I had to take yesterday off, but I need to rest up for Saturday now.

  • BeckyReddoch

    75# snatch balance

    2 rounds plus 4 T2B (45#, T2B, 35#)

    oh, and i beat JJ on the first two rounds(possibly 3) of the tabata DUs cooldown… just throwing that out there 🙂

  • Jason

    155# x 2.
    3 rounds 7 ohs Rx
    214 tabata dubs

  • Kara A

    75# on snatch balance

    2 rounds + 10 kb swings
    (65# and 10 t2b per round)
    First time to do t2b in a wod, had to cut the number but still happy about it.

    202 double unders

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