_DSC0541WOD 3/1/13

For Time: Break up this workout anyway you like

28 Thrusters (155/105)

28 Muscle-Ups (Substitute 28 strict pull-ups & 28 Dips)

2800m Run

Once completed the clock will not stop until you have completed 85 double unders.


We will be having lunch from 12:30-1:30 at the Banh Mon food truck located on Calder at Bonnie Cokinos dance studio (next to jack’s pak it). Hope some of you can make it!


Haven’t signed up for the CrossFit Open yet? Don’t worry there is still time! Even if you don’t sign up you should still come out and compete with us starting Friday March 8 from 6:30pm-8pm. Read more about the event at our facebook event page. Even if you’re new or don’t think you’re ready we encourage you to come try it; just think of it like any other WOD. We can scale it if necessary but we want you to experience the competitive environment and hopefully help you push yourself harder than you ever have before and maybe even surprise yourself! The members from CF Lumberton, Mid-County, and Bridge City will all be making their way to Beaumont on this day (we will rotate each week) so it will also be an opportunity to meet some members are our sister gyms!

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  • CA

    Happy Birthday Coach!

  • Clint

    Well that was fun. 31:36 (135# Thrusters) everything else was RX. I busted it up into 7 rounds of equal work. My plan was to just attempt 4 muscle ups per round. I only missed 2 attempts so I made those up after my last run. Happy birthday Neal.

  • Jordon

    That workout should be called Monster.
    125# Thruster; pullups & dips ; 30.17

    Happy Birthday Coach!
    Appreciate you jumping my ass every evening. After my
    knee popped and gave out on me on execution. wasn’t sure
    when I was going to come back. Decided to come back the
    next day and you jumped on to me and helped me out with
    Modifying the workout and now everything is in knee is getting
    back to normal. I truly appreciate it, and you are an incredibly sharp
    dude. Thanks for getting me through my first 2 full weeks and
    will push to make it many more in the future.

  • Greg

    That was fun. Broke it into seven rounds of four. 25:25 (95# thrusters, pull-ups and dips), don’t have muscle ups even close. Happy Birthday Neal.

  • Jordon

    Change the workout name to monster and pray that our coaches
    get younger. 31:14 (115# thrusters, dips and pullups)

    Thanks to Neal for helping me modify my workouts after my knee
    popped and gave out on me at the end of execution. Your patience
    and knowledge is greatly appreciated. 2 weeks in and many more to come
    In the future. Happy Birthday Neal.

  • Neal

    23:59 RX I broke it into four rounds and got all two rounds of thrusters unbroken but had to break up the other two rounds once. I was happy to get the sets of 7 MU unbroken but dang do my hands hurt now.

    Thanks for the bday wishes you guys!

    Jordan, we’re glad to have you at CFB!

  • Braxton

    22:12 (115# thrusters, dips, and pullups) broke the WOD into 4 rounds of 7.

    Happy bday Neal!

  • K Doubt

    30:30 W/ 95# Thrusters, g/r band pullups, box dips

    Happy Birthday Neal! Killer workout to celebrate!

  • Shireen

    Happy Birthday Neal.

  • Danielle

    well this looks splendidly awful… too bad i’ll be missing this one. Happy Birthday Neal!

  • Elyse

    29:16 w/105# thrusters, rx dead hang pullups, and dips with a purple band… Broke it up in sets of seven. All thrusters unbroken except for the last round (4+3).

    AND i got TWO muscle ups today. One before the workout and one afterwards. Tried to get two during the workout but failed. Oh well… I still got it!!!!!

  • Aaron

    Man, I’m missing me some CFB! This turnaround has killed me this month. Hopefully I will be back next week!

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