Rich Froning - 2011 CF Games Champion and Fittest Man On Earth

WOD 8/4/11

AMRepsAP in 2 minutes:

Double Unders


Cleans (135/95)

Flutter Kicks Holding Kettlebell (53/35)


– Each skill will be done seperately as it’s own 2 minute workout with 3 minutes of rest between efforts

If you’re free tomorrow evening join us for our Mid-County Pub Run. Find out the details on the facebook event page.

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  • Danno

    Fun day! Who’s going at 5pm? I need someone to face-off with 🙂

  • Sheree

    This is a fun work-out! Not easy, just fun. I like those short amraps b/c you know it’s going to be over soon! I suggest you go heavier on the cleans than you first think. I would have had fewer reps, but would have rather gone up.

    175sgls, 42pushups(prpl band), 30cleans (35#), 110flutters(35#kb), 19 burpees (not quite standing on #20!)

    Good one, Neal!

    Good to see new faces at Rooster Crew, too!

  • Jeremy J

    Thanks for the warm welcome this morning roosters. Had to get my WOD in early so I don’t feel guilty while on the guad tomorrow 🙂

    191singles, 63 push ups, 26 cleans @ 95#, 133 flutters @ 45#, and 28 death-ees.

    I’ll think about y’all this weekend while we’re floating down the river!

  • Dena

    58 double understand(not happy about that one), 34 push ups(RX), 16 cleans @ 98lbs, 140 flutters with 35lbs, and 34 burpees.

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