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Erin, Sabrina, & Marc at Regionals

WOD 7/28/11

Push Press 5-5-5-5-5

AMRAP in 10 minutes:

10 Overhead Lunges (95/65)

10 Toes To Bar (Scale knees to elbows, no using the rings)

10 Push-Ups

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  • Neal

    Marc, Don’t get offended at the blog title, I was listening to pandora and that song came on.

  • Sheree

    In my 6am PERSONAL TRAINING today, I got 5 rds + 10 lunges. Just used a 15# bar b/c I was afraid I’d give out. Pulled knees up to about parallel (toes to bar—yeah right) and did purple band push-ups. Would have felt bad about so much scaling if I hadn’t been so wiped out when the 10 mins was over! Oh, and I got 165 singles in 90secs. Only stopped twice (after 100 and 120) to catch my breath.

  • Neal

    165#x4 on push press, couldn’t quite get that 5th rep.

    5 Rounds + 7 toes to bar on the met-con. lunges were tough at first but they got easier

  • Jeremy j

    Holy crap. Now that’s funny Neal!

  • JJ

    got 4 rounds and change. rx could only muster up 2 consecutive T2B :[ most were just singles. dang new bars

    135# x5

  • Jason

    #165 x5. Missed @175 rep 4. 4 rounds and 9 lunges Rx. That is the first time I’ve ever felt good doing toes to bar. 7-8 reps at a time the first 2 rounds. That was an unexpected shoulder burning day.

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