All I Want For Christmas


Is Another PR!

 WOD 12/15/11

2 Minutes at Each Station:

Hang Cleans (95/65)
Muscle-Up, Jumping/Assisted Muscle-Up, Or Dips
Sand Bag Get Ups
Box Step Ups (20″/16″) (95#/65#)

30 sec rest in between exercises, Repeat for a total of two times at each station.
Score is total number of reps for each round.


This is the last week to bring a toy for Toys For Tots. Please bring one and put it under our tree! Thanks to everyone who has already brought gifts; we appreciate your generosity.

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  • Sheree Pierce

    This was another butt-kicker…but they ALL are! As I always say, I like the short amraps or low reps. ADD!
    I went up in reps on everything except the “getting up” but it was only 1 less. I used 60# which was a little heavy, but whatEVER. 30# sandbag, 12″ box (unsteady on the 16″ for some reason) and red band assisted dips.
    78 1st round and 91 2nd round.

    Hey, Neal, what are our closings for the holidays?

  • Miguel

    70rds then dropped to 61rds. That was 95lb hang clean, 45lb sand bag, jumping muscle ups, and 20″ box step ups. 20″ box is pretty damn hard when you have 95lbs on your back.

  • JJ

    i got 76 and 69 60# bag, rx cleans and step ups, jumpin MU’s

    felt actually good about my wod. stayed moving and all but then saw others scores and i was a little upset

  • Sheree PIerce

    Curious how everybody did the get-ups. We decided to put the bag on our shoulder. KP said they just hold it however they can.

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