In the world of CrossFit, we are very focused on 2 things. Our workouts, and our nutrition. Sometimes one or the other of those things begins to lack and we look to other means for help. This is where supplements and Advocare come in. We know there are lots of options out there and if you have something that works for you keep it up. However, Members have approached the coaches asking about Advocare products so we want to make them available for you if you feel you need that little something extra to bring you to the next level. Advocare has been endorsed by numerous professional athletes from the NFL to Moto-Cross to CrossFit and coaches from all over the world put their trust in these supplements.

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Whether it’s weight loss, recovery, strength gains, or all around wellness, Advocare has the product for you. Our Trim Line offers products that will help you burn fat and lose inches. The Active Line has products meant to keep you going during your busy day. Including SPARK! The industry leading Energy drink that offers a longer energy boost than coffee, but without the sugar or jitters that come with most Energy drinks. Our athletes will find the Performance Elite line interesting.

A few Products of interest that we recommend:

  • AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink : A delicious sugar free/crash free energy drink designed to help you take on the day. My favorite pre-workout supplement.
  • Nighttime Recovery : Taken at night to help you overcome the soreness after those tough WODs
  • Post Workout Recovery : A blend of protein and BCAAs taken directly post workout to aide in recovery and get your muscles back on track
  • O2 Gold Advanced : An herbal blend that helps your body better utilize the oxygen you take in during workouts
  • Omegaplex : Advocare’s Omega-3 vitamin that contains 2000mg of EPA/DHA in each serving
  • Catalyst: An Amino Acid supplement taken pre workout that will aid in the building of muscle while you lose weight.

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