WOD 3/25/13

Russian Kettlebell Swings: work for 30 seconds, rest 60-90 seconds. Complete 5 sets.


3 Rounds:

400m Run

15 Deadlift (225/155)

10 Strict Pull-Ups


The next Battle of The Boxes WOD will be tomorrow so you better be here!


CrossFit Lumberton is hosting their first competition on April 27th. You can read more here. Spots will fill up quickly so if you would like to compete you better sign up quick!

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  • Scott

    70#x4, 90#x1; 16:45 RX; 3:42 for 100 situps cash-out. Slow, but RX at least. Watching Friday Night Lights last Friday was fun. Seeing all that made me really want to be good at Crossfit. So much work to do though.

  • Neal

    55×2 70×2 90×1

    11:21 RX Strict pull-ups are tough. After deadlifts they’re just awful

  • Brandon

    Used a 35#KB. 15 reps on the first two rounds trying to count and keep time in my head. I thought “1 rep every two seconds isn’t bad…” then Neal started the clock. Ended up working for 45 seconds on one round because I zoned out. 110 reps total through 5 rounds.

    Tough trying to get back in the saddle. Scaled the WOD in every way, but just wanted to keep working to the finish. The pull-ups were nasty in this batting order. The traps, lats and remainder of the posterior are beat after the deadlifts.

    And the cold. Damn that north wind.

  • Clint

    504 swings @ 55#
    9:41 on the metcon (subbed back extensions for DL)
    3:53 on the cashout

  • Clint

    How about 104 swings. I’m pretty sure I wrote it wrong on the board too. Lack of oxygen early in the morning causes my brain not to function properly.

  • K Doubt

    For the KB swings… 20@45#, 19×3@ 55#, and 15@ 70#

    16:26 WOD w/ 155# dL and a rainbow of colors for pullups (g, g/r, g/r/p)

    4:10 for the cash out.

    Awesome way to start off the week! Crossfit always makes the day better!

  • Dan

    Made it up to the 90# kb during the swings.
    14:08 on the WOD rx’d.
    Made it through 65 ghd sit ups in 5 min

  • Braxton

    55 x 3, 70 x 2
    11:52 WOD (RX)

    Cash out: 3:21
    Felt good to be back this morning despite the cold.

  • Josh T.

    70#x1, 90#x4 btw 18-20 each set. 12:29 rx.

  • Grant

    10:33 Rx
    23 x 2 @55#, 20 x 2 @70#, 23 @70#with a band.

  • Greg

    15:something rx

  • Jordon

    20 x 3; 21 x 1; 22 x 1@55#
    SU’s 4:11

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