Strike A Pose

WOD 5/3/12

Clean – Find your 1 rep max


5 Rounds:

5 Handstand Push-Ups

5 Dead Hang Pull-Ups

5 Cleans (65-75% of max)

After all 5 sets complete 50 box jumps (24/20) to stop the clock



Pyrros Dimas is arguably one of the best weightlifters in the world. Watch him power clean 375# at a bodyweight of around 150…. he barely has to drop under the bar. But what I really want you to pay attention to is how straight his arms stay until he hit full knee and hip extension. It is only after he hits full extension that he begins to pull himself under the bar with his arms. Notice how close the bar stays to his body, the speed of his elbows as he receives the bar on his shoulders, and how minimally his feet move when he goes from the jumping position to the receiving position. Finally watch the speed of the bar; from the ground to just above his knees is relatively slow and then it “jumps” up from mid thigh to his shoulders. The pull off the ground is a bit slower and  more controlled but once the bar gets past his knees he explodes up and this is when the real upward power is created.

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  • hardyf

    Wow, he even resets his grip after he cleans it before the bar comes to rest

  • Bradd

    Need a heavy lifter/motivator. Any takers?

  • Cody

    Brad I’m going at noon

  • Jon

    thought about skipping today but can’t miss one rep max on cleans.

  • Garret

    Wow, that guy is amazing. I’m hoping to finally get past 245 since my technique has improved, but my quads are dead after yesterday. Cody, I got 8rds with 30#wb and 90#kb.

  • Madison

    I love this picture….

    I’m sad that i’m missing this…….wahhh

  • cody van

    Wow great job g money. That 90 was no joke. Being 165 pounds is a definite disadvantage with that kettlebell Haha. I’m so sore from that on that I don’t wanna.l go today but I can’t miss cleans

  • cody van

    275# clean. Got under 285 but dumped it. 9:51 rx at 205# clean

  • Garret

    Nice job Cody. . . very impressive

  • Scott

    155 # clean (failed 6 or more times at 165 #). Feel close, just need to get under the bar quicker. 11:04 WOD @ 115 # R/B handstand, RX pullup. Spent :30 seconds or more building a 24″ box in the middle of the workout out of a 20″ box and 45 # weight though since not enough boxes to go around. I’ll make up for my lack of upper body strength with a 12 mile run tonight after work.

  • josh t

    235# on cleans. Failed quite a few times when I jumped to 250 and then couldn’t get 240. I think 245 was my old pr.

  • Chris Adkins

    235# on cleans. Tried 250# but failed. Think me and josh made to big of jump. 11:24, 1 mat and 155# on wod.

  • Neal

    255# 1 rep max, 10# PR!

    9:30 with 190# on the workout. That was a really fun class!

  • Jeremy Johnstone

    205#….again. can’t seem to get over that hump.

    11:53 135#, no mat(id be lying if i said i did the full range every time but did touch my head probably 80% so no rx)

    box jumps killed my time. i hit my first one at 7:53 so it literally took me 4min on those alone

  • Danielle H

    This WOD looks to be a fun one actually, I can’t wait to do this one!

  • Jj

    Coulnt pr on my clean from last week. So still at 200

    11:55 one mat and 155#

  • Katy

    115# max clean(2#pr), 12:13 those box jumps were no joke!

  • garret

    275#clean;205# and one mat on wod 12:57

  • cody

    Damn garret do work!

  • Jaywes23

    225# , 5# pr
    14:43 RX @ 170#

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