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WOD 8/9/12

Back Squat: 1X8 @ 75%, 1X5 @ 80%, 1X5 @ 85%, 1X3 @ 90%, 1X3 @ 95% – rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.



21-15-9 of:

Deadlifts 225/155#

Handstand Push-Ups



This weekend two of our athletes will be competing in the CrossFit Katy Competition, “Bring The Heat.” There are other competitions coming up in the next few months including The Athlete Open in Austin (Sept) and Oktoberfest Obliteration in Houston (October). If you find out about more competitions let us know so we can get our athletes signed up. Spots usually fill up quickly so you need to know before hand whether you want to compete and what division you should compete in.

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  • Sheree Pierce

    Remember at Regionals when Ady Shea did this in 2:21! HAHAHAHA!!! It took me 6:33 today and I was no where NEAR RX!

  • Garret

    Yeah, and Dan Bailey did it at Regionals this year in 1:35-check out video on midcounty. 7:27 Rx

  • Stephanie

    7:02 135# and 1 abmat

  • Matthew V

    6:29 RX.. Had to work for that one

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