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Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday!

This past weekend I had a chance to visit Beaumont and CrossFit Beaumont had it’s first official workout! It was a gorgeous day and everyone did really well. Here was the workout.

With a partner complete:
400m run
100 squats (combined)
100 ring rows (combined)
100 pushups (combined)
400m run

Partners had to stay together during the entire workout and only one partner could be working at any time (except for the runs) to complete each task. The teams were Tyler Briggs and Ryan Frantz (of CrossFit Houston), Stephen Michutka and Jondaniel Cornett, and Matt Moore and Brianna Moore. Everyone did a great job; especially JD, Brianna, and Matt who got their first experience with CrossFit. For any who couldn’t make it there will be another free park workout in late November; details will be posted soon.

Tyler and Ryan – It was great to meet you guys and I hope you can make it back next time.

CFB Updates

This past weekend also gave me the opportunity to meet with my realtor and visit possible gym locations. We have found a great location for opening and CrossFit box and negotiations are in the works for securing a lease.

Possible logo – Big thanks to Dean Xu and his ninja photoshop skills.


Possible CFB Logo - Any thoughts?

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  • Russell

    Hey man, love the site. Logo rocks. Save me a large t-shirt if you still have any left. I’ll stop by CFDC to pick one up soon. Congrats on the box, can’t wait to come check it out.

  • dean.

    put the REAL one up NOW!

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