August 2009

Life is Hard

I often have people express interest in starting CrossFit but they are always a little hesitant. The most common thing I hear is “It looks really hard” or “I don’t think I’m in shape for

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The Sport of Fitness

One reason people see great gains with CrossFit are because of the people around them. At CFDC we post our time or score for that day’s WOD on the whiteboard for all to see. I

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The Times They Are A-Changin’

These past few months have been a whirlwind. I have been extremely blessed with a great opportunity and everyday the picture for CrossFit Beaumont is clearer as all the pieces fall into place. In the beginning

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That Reminds Me

The picture from Monday’s post reminded me of a video I recently watched of Chris Spealler trying to do 100 consecutive pull-ups. It’s pretty amazing.  Check it out here. If you’ve done max rep pull-ups you realize just

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A Pretty Good Week

* Last week was another great one. I’ve made the transition from shadowing coaches to training athletes on my own (although I’ll still be shadowing when I have the chance). I put my first athlete

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Nutrition and Diet

I’ve been hyping up CrossFit on here for a while now but have yet to get into another area that is just as important as exercise when talking about overall health. What you eat. So

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