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Cash In – 10 Burpees*


Bench Press (3-3-3-3-3-3)



3 Rounds:

30 second Row Sprint followed by max unbroken push-ups.

Rest 2-3 minutes between rounds.



“Bumper Buddy”

33m Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25) (From Wall to Wall)
50 Squats with Bumper
40 Box Step Ups w bumper (20 per leg) (20/16)
30 Sit-ups with bumper (touches above the head and below feet)
20 bumper push-ups (alternating side to side)
10 burpees with bumper



We’re having a CrossFit Happy Hour this Friday at Lukes on Calder. Classes end at 6:30 so we will be there about 6:45. We hope to see you there!



*Every class from now until December 20 will start with 10 burpees…. UNLESS you bring an unwrapped toy for Toys For Tots or sign our pledge board that you will bring an unwrapped toy before December 20. You only have to bring one gift to get out of all the burpees. The toy can be as small or large as you like; they need all different things. Please bring a toy soon!

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  • Braxton

    Bench Press

    Total meters = 421

    10:38 WOD RX Bumper Buddy wasn’t so much of a buddy during the WOD.

  • Sean M

    155 – 205 bench

    561 meter row
    30, 27, 20. Push ups 77 total

    9:49 WOD RX

  • Greg

    135-195 bench

    497m row


  • Jordon

    #135-#225 Bench

    456m row
    Push-ups: 20, 20, 17

    11:24 RX

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