Three Decker Sauerkraut & Toadstool Sandwich


Gotta see the ear on the side

 WOD 12/19/11

Dynamic Effort Back Squat 6-6-6-6

Focus on speed – Explode out of the bottom and don’t pause at the top. If you have to pause during a set then you are going too heavy. All four sets should be 50-60% of your max.


AMRAP in 7 minutes:

7 Toes To Bar

7 Dumbbell Push Press (45/30)


Cash Out: Standing Sled Pull (70/45) from wall behind pull-up rack to bay door and back for time.

For this movement you will wrap one end of the sled strap through itself and only have one length of strap. You will walk the strap out as far as it will go then you will plant your feet and pull the sled to you, once it gets there you walk it out again and continue to pull it towards you and repeat until you’ve pulled it across the gym. The sled only moves when your feet are stationary.


We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On December 26th we will have classes at noon, 4pm (womens class), and 5pm. Classes will resume normally on December 27.

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