The Test


WOD 7/17/13262481_10151664296922845_106469209_n

Deadlift – Find a 1 Rep Max


4 Rounds: 30 Seconds On 30 Second off for max reps:

DB Push Press (45/30)

Dead Hang Pull-Ups(or Muscle-Ups)

Front Squats (115/75)

Tire Flips

1-armed KB Clean (55/35) 15 seconds left, 15 seconds right arm (If you’ve never done these scale back the weights!)


Score is total reps


CrossFit Bridge City is hosting a 2 man or 2 woman team competition (both RX and scaled divisions) where the winning teams will bring home custom kettlebells as their trophies. Start getting your team ready – registration begins July 15th and cost is $50/team. This wll be held during Performance ATV’s annual LaborFest in Burkeville, TX. More info to come – so keep checking back!

– Please specify Rx, Scaled, Male, or Female in the description blank
– Please put both entrants T-shirt sizes in the description blank


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