The 5th Mountain – September 3


On Saturday, September 3, CrossFit Beaumont will be hosting a free WOD. The workout will be “The 5th Mountain”, a workout posted by SEALFIT that will challenge you physically and mentally – elevating you to a new level. It will take you to the edges of your comfort zone and help you show yourself just how far you can go. We will start at high noon on Saturday (right after the free class).

“The 5th Mountain”

For Time With a 20# Vest

100 Burpees, Run 1 Mile

100 Squats, Run 1 Mile

100 Sit-Ups, Run 1 Mile

100 Push-Ups, Run 1 Mile

100 Pull-Ups, Run 1 Mile

CFB has four 20# vests and one 10# vest, CFMC has a couple, and we may have one or two more people have at their house. If you have a weight vest (or armor police officers) you can bring that. Just like every workout this will be scalable. You don’t have to use a vest, you can scale the reps, and the distance – But you will challenge yourself. Also, if you can contribute to the Navy Seal War Foundation, go to or you can text SEAL to 90999 for a quick $10 donation.

Please RSVP in the comments section so we can get an idea of how many to expect.

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