So Impossible


WOD 7/2/12

12 minutes to establish a 3RM STRICT Weighted Pullup. NO KIPPING!


5 rounds for total time of:

Run 200m
10 Absolutely Vertical KBS 32/24kg
15 Burpees

*Rest 2 minutes after each round.


Be as strict as you wish on the “Absolutely Vertical KB Swings”. If you’re gearing up for competition try to do them to standard. If you’re working out for general fitness and just love CFB, then do the KB Swings as we normally would.


Mark your calendars; We will be holding an event Sunday, July 15 from 1-3pm. It won’t be a competition; just a bada$$ workout we hope everyone is willing to take on!


We will only have the 11:30am class on Wednesday, July 4. You can guarantee it’s going to be brutal.

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