Reign Painstorm


483039_540399122641836_1125023105_nWOD 8/13/13

4x400m Run – Rest 4 minutes between efforts


“Reign Painstorm”

5 Minute AMPAP Athletes will have five minutes to amass as many points as possible using the following four lifts. The deadlift, power clean, thruster, and the snatch. Each lift will be worth the following amount of points: Deadlift = 1point Power Clean = 3points Thruster = 5points Snatch = 10points Athletes will have one barbell loaded with one weight for all movements. The weights per division are as follows: RX Division: 175#/115# Scaled Division: 135#/83#


* Athletes can only perform a maximum of 5 consecutive reps of one movement before they must complete at least 1 rep of another movement. (I.e. deadlift, deadlift, deadlift, deadlift, deadlift, power clean, deadlift, etc.)


This is another workout from the upcoming competition, The Gulf Coast Guantlet. There is a lot of strategy to this workout so try to think of your way to amass the most points possible. We will run this workout in two heats so everyone can have a counter to keep track of each different rep you do and then total your points at the end. As always scale the weight to whatever is needed.

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