Monkey Tail


WOD 4/19/12

Sprint 200m

Rest 2 minutes

Sprint 400m

Rest 3 minutes

Sprint 800m

Rest 4 minutes

Sprint 400m

Rest 3 minutes

Sprint 200m


Rest 5 minutes:


AMRAP in 5 minutes:

5 Overhead Squats 95/65

5 Dead Hang Pull-Ups

5 Burpees


Attention Attention: Unless we are doing a benchmark workout (Fran/Helen/Josh/Etc) or specific kipping skill work all pull-ups will be dead hang!  Overtime we hope this will result in more athletes achieving dead hang pull-ups, and with proper form, more kipping pull-ups. Too much kipping without adequate strength to protect your muscles and joints can be harmful over the long term. The dead hang pull-up will develop that strength needed to protect your shoulders/elbows while doing kipping pull-ups. The dead hang should be the standard everyone strives to achieve; which is why you may have noticed them more frequently in warm-ups and WODs. Remember, If you kip to complete a pull-up then you didn’t complete a “pull-up”, you completed a “kipping pull-up” still an awesome achievement but not the same thing.  We will still use the kipping pull-up from time to time so don’t fret too much. And you’re still allowed to do kipping pull-ups before and after class as you normally have, we won’t yell at you to stop.



Rant Continued: Lots of us strive to achieve the “butterfly pull-up” which was developed as a competitive style of pull-up in order to decrease effort and speed up repetitions while racing a clock. The butterfly kip minimizes the demands on the very things that the exercise is used to develop. It also brings an element of stress to the shoulders and elbows of which the potential for injury is far greater than a more traditional kipping movement, hence you shouldn’t do butterfly pull-ups unless your muscles and joints are developed enough to crank out multiple dead hangs. When in competition or training for competition use the butterfly pull-up. If you’re training for general fitness (over 95% of our athletes) lets try to develop the body the way the movement was intended.  That brings an end to this weeks rant on pull-ups.

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