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WOD 7/17/12

4X5 Tempo Deadlifts – heaviest possible (with PERFECT technique & speed), rest 60 seconds.

Notes: Tempo should be 3 counts from floor to knees, explode past knees driving hips to bar, 3 counts back to floor. Concentrate on keeping legs loaded NOT back. Maintain vertical shin.


4 rounds for time of:

3 Power Cleans 185/120#
14 Shoulder Touches (alternating)
21 Wall Ball 20/14#

*20 minute time limit.



Shoulder Touch – From a handstand you will bring one arm up and touch your shoulder then quickly put it back down and switch and touch the other shoulder with the other arm. To scale you can simply pick one hand off the ground at a time or just practice holding a handstand or kicking into a handstand.


If you missed the CrossFit Games over the weekend you can watch all the events at

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