Hinge At The Hip!



WOD 2/28/13

Max Double Unders in 2 minutes


3 Rounds: 10 Hang Power Cleans followed by a 200m sprint, rest 3 minutes between rounds. Go as heavy as possible each round but try to get all 10 reps unbroken


3 Rounds: 45 Seconds Max Russian KB Swings followed by a 200m sprint. Try to use as heavy a KB as possible while being able to complete the full 45 seconds of swings.


You should feel this workout in your hamstrings! If you’re losing extension in your back or bending your knees excessively at the bottom of the KB swing you will have a sore back tomorrow. When the kettlebell falls between your legs focus on pushing your hips back and only allowing your knees to bend as much is required to push back the hips, no more. We want sore hammies!


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